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Last Updated: August 2014

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  • 11 Bonnie Doon Place, Nahoon, East London, Eastern Cape, 5241

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About Karoo moon Trading Company

Wool – Karoo Moon produces 100% pure, hand-spun wool. The wool is hand-spun by rural women in the Eastern Cape and is then hand dyed. Machine spun wool is also hand dyed and sold, along with a variety of knitted and crocheted garments and design pieces.

Bottled Goods – Karoo Moon also produces a range of bottled goods such as pickles and jams; which make great gifts, picnic partners or a regular items in any kitchen.

Catering – Karoo moon aims to provide wholesome tasty food for any occasion. Through consultation meetings with the owner, Judi Sheard, customers can explain their ideas for the cuisine they envisage. Catering can be done for corporate or personal events and any size occasion can be provided for.

A simple desire, by mother and daughter team (Judi Sheard and her late mother Sheila Knott) to empower the single mothers and widows amongst their staff by teaching them the art of wool-spinning, evolved into buzzing home industry, a sought after pure wool product and the birth of a family business – Knotty Craft. Judi took what she and her mother had started to the Karoo and continued to train, empower and produce the highest quality wool. Over the years, Judi expanded the business by creating the most delectable, deli delights which she has on offer today under her label, Karoo Moon Trading – a label synonymous with homemade, exceptional goods and produce.

"Judi continues to explore and experiment with her wool and in her kitchen and we await, excitedly, to see what she comes up with next!"

Items available range from the delicious and ever moreish ‘Sublime Beetroot Jam’, scrumptious ‘Bread and Butter Pickle’, the all time family favourite ‘Chocolate Indulgence’ and her fabulous homemade salad dressing – all made from traditional family recipes, that have been passed down from generation to generation – to the original product, the very popular, 100% pure soft wool, handspun and dyed in an array of beautiful, vibrant and explosive colours, brought to us from a team of dedicated spinners, in the charming village of Nieu Bethesda and family farm, Weltevreden, with the business head office based in East London.

Judi continues to explore and experiment with her wool and in her kitchen and we await, excitedly, to see what she comes up with next!

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