Karoo Spiritual Retreats
  • Nieu Bethesda

Last Updated: April 2019

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  • Pienaar Street, Nieu-Bethesda

  • Longitude: 24.550261942854
  • Latitude: -31.86898927949
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About Karoo Spiritual Retreats

Karoo Spiritual Retreats is an organisation inspired by nature and alternative healing methods. We craft unique retreats and workshops in the heart of the Karoo to facilitate self-awareness, personal growth and holistic healing. We believe that the beautiful and tranquil environment of the Karoo is the ultimate earth medicine which aids relaxation, exploration, healing and creativity.

Our retreats and workshops are set in the Great Karoo and are led by different facilitators and subject

matter experts. Lengths differ and are determined by the nature of the retreat. You are invited to unplug from city life and join retreats and workshops to nourish mind, body and soul, including:

•  Yoga Retreats

•  Walking / Hiking Retreats & The Compassberg Camino

•  Ranching

•  Women's Circles

•  Silent Retreats

•  Creative Writing Retreats

•  Self-Discovery Workshops & Retreats

•  Drama Therapy Workshops

•  Mindful Eating & Lifestyle Retreats

•  Art & Creative Retreats

Being based in the Karoo village of Nieu-Bethesda in the Eastern Cape affords us access to utilise facilities, farms and private nature reserves in the area best suited for each unique retreat. Experiences are enhanced by providing a tranquil setting in nature, healthy balanced meals, comfortable accommodation, interaction with farm animals, game drives and professional facilitators.  Some facilities are remote and enable you to unplug, focus and reconnect mind, body & soul.

We also craft unique retreats & workshops on request based on your specific requirements.