Ganora Guest Farm Walks and Hikes

Ganora Guest Farm Walks and Hikes



On the farm, there is a wide range of landscapes to hike. A number of trails allow guests to experience the Karoo from mountaintop to meadow.

Trail 1 (Paseo)
Distance: 4 km.
Duration: 1 hour
Recommended For: Hikers

Trail 1 is a pleasant, shorter route that follows a ridge overlooking the farm before descending to sheep meadows and streambeds. The path passes a windmill as well as several small streams.

Trail 2 (Mountaintop)
Distance: 13.36 or 16.9 km.
Duration: 3 or 4.5 hours
Recommended For: Hikers

Trail 2 leads to a mountaintop on the farm with spectacular views of Compassberg and the surrounding hills. Along the way, the trail flows over undulating veld and a few sheep pastures. Hikers have the option of a longer or shorter route back to the main farm area.

Trail 3 (Farm)
Distance: 11.6
Duration: 2.5 hours hiking or 1-hour biking
Recommended For: Hikers or Advanced Mountain bikers

Trail 3 encompasses a wide range of Karoo landscapes in its loop around the farm. The trail crosses sheep meadows, rocky hills, and many streambeds with water-smoothed stones.


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