Mountain Biking Samara Private Game Reserve

Mountain Biking Samara Private Game Reserve



With a variety of routes both easy and technical, Samara offers mountain biking for beginners and advanced cyclists. Two options are available: guided and non-guided rides. The guided routes are located within the game-fenced area, as guests will need to be accompanied by a member of the Samara Team. Non-guided routes are located in an area without dangerous game, and guests wishing to cycle by themselves can do so in this section. They will be provided with a radio and a map of the route.

  • Samara does not provide mountain bikes – you will need to bring your own, as well as any associated equipment.
  • There is no additional cost for the mountain biking experience.
  • Packed lunches and picnics can be arranged for both guided and non-guided routes.
  • Interest in mountain biking must be expressed at the time of booking.

Contact Info

  • Graaff Reinet