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Wednesday, 20th May 2020


A new, family-run company operating from the
Karoo town of Cradock in the Eastern Cape has kicked off online and hopes to boost
quality local produce and businesses across South Africa and internationally.


A new, family-run company operating from theKaroo town of Cradock in the Eastern Cape has kicked off online and hopes to boostquality local produce and businesses across South Africa and internationally.

Karoo Farm Box launched their first two products this week - a luxury box for Gents and Ladies containing some of the Karoo's most iconic products. Handmade wool slippers, luxurious mohair throws and locally-crafted leather accessories - all products with a 100% traceability from Karoo farms - are among the products in the inaugurate boxes.

More boxes, as well as a build-your-own Karoo Farm Box function, are on the cards going forward. So far, says founder and general manager Lani Lombard, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Lani also owns the established True Living bakery and deli in Cradock, which has been closed for business as usual due to the national COVID-19 restrictions.

She says Karoo farmers and entrepreneurs are used to thinking outside the box to get by. "The idea for our Karoo Farm Box started in the toughest of times. The past drought really tested Karoo farmers and their families. Many people in the driest parts of the country relied on outside help to get by. The Boks vir 'n Boervrou initiative was just one way South Africans reached out to us, but it struck a chord," Lani says.


The family's idea to create a Box FROM a Boervrou was coined and named Karoo Farm Box, to appeal to a global audience says founder and director of e-commerce Louis Steyn. "Karoo Farm Box was a perfect coming-together of concepts," he says. "I've been mulling over various ideas for online trading over the past couple of months. I wanted to combine the growing 'buy-it-for-life' movement with our love and appreciation for quality South African products and support farmers and small-town entrepreneurs in the process. When my mother-in-law mentioned her idea to promote natural fibres and goods that are originally from the Karoo, everything just clicked."

Lani and Louis say the Karoo Farm Box hopes to create a platform where other South Africans and the world can continually support Karoo farmers and entrepreneurs. Boxes are targeted at all South Africans who "deserve to feel and wear and have the very best of what the country has to offer", the company website states.


A major focus is also to promote the boxes to an international market. "All over the Karoo, there are men and women constantly working to create products that last a lifetime and that are truly reflective of the integrity of our Karoo region. But because they are located so remotely, these products seldom get the appreciation they deserve," Louis says. "We are bridging the gap. Products are delivered from the Karoo farms, straight to peoples' doors." He says the business is constantly on the look-out for products that meet their Karoo quality criteria.


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