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Wednesday, 1st December 2021

The Outsiders B&B in Nieu-Bethesda has a selection of intimate shows coming up over the course of summer 2021-2022. 

6 December 2021

Bachus Nel Live  

Original music by Bacchues Nel, with art by Ronel Kellerman

27 December 2021

Hollowbody Live

Hollowbody is a Pretoria based acoustic quartet playing American roots music, mostly blues and vintage folk - originals and covers.

23 January 2022

Doc McLean “Streamline” Blues Tour

"Taking back the Blues Highway, one show at a time. Making a plan. Covid could sneak in to kick us again, but that's a gamble. If we don't plan we'll definitely have nothing! It's been a strange time for me, caught in a world between dreamlines and songlines. Streamline, streamline. The witches chant beside the waters. Candles float off into the night, and a new story begins." - Doc McLean

Contact Outsiders B&B for more information. 

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