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Thursday, 7th March 2019

Fun and easy, shibori and tie-dye, screen-printing on fabric, sun colour and batik are some of the creative workshops Bedford’s Catherine Knox will be offering from April 2019.

“Joining in arty crafty activity is the best way to escape into the moment, a respite from hassles and responsibilities,” says Catherine. “We laugh a lot, show off a bit and experiment wildly. And get to know ourselves better.”

The sessions are suitable for all levels of experience and ages from pre-teen upwards. All materials are provided. Workshops can be customised to group requirements (minimum 6 people, maximum 20). Groups of up to 10 can come to Catherine’s studio in Bedford. Larger groups gather in other venues – for example, Catherine recently presented a batik workshop for a group of 15 in Cradock, (shown in picture below). For more info, contact Catherine on 082 9328864,

Catherine Knox is a fine art major and accredited quilt teacher with a good deal of experience in other arts and crafts (including creative writing and photography). 

Batik Workshop by Catherine Knox

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