Deep in the Karoo Heartland – along a dirt road and, seemingly, in the middle of nowhere – is an egg-shaped rock precariously perched on an unstable surrounding surface. 

Standing 10m high and weighting in at around 480 tons, you would have trouble cracking the mysterious “Egg Rock” to make an omelette!  Egg Rock is actually located just 8km outside of Karoo Heartland town, Cradock but visitors can be forgiven for feeling completely swept away from civilization by the silence and panoramic Karoo views that surround the dolerite rock.

Talking of cracking an egg, there is actually a chunk missing from Egg Rock where, legend has it, the rock was cleaved by lightening in 1937.  One can only imagine the ages that have passed in the formation of this giant egg, perched as it is so precariously on the edge of the Karoo plains.

Visitors should take some time to explore the ageless landscape around Egg Rock – beautiful “big sky” Karoo Heartland country – fresh air, blue skies and that sense of peace that seems to be so readily available in the Karoo. Egg Rock is a must visit if you are taking a road trip, a Karoo Crawl, through the Karoo Heartland. 

What you need to know

Entrance is free but be aware, the road is not in excellent condition and shouldn’t be attempted in low rage vehicle.

Directions: GPS 32 07’ 57.68’’S 25 39’ 58.92’’E

About Cradock: Cradock is frontier town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, in the upper valley of the Great Fish River. The town boasts fine architecture and a number of important monuments and museums and hosts four major festivals every year: The Karoo Food Festival, The Cradock Agricultural Show, The Fish River Canoe Marathon and The Schreiner Karoo Writer’s Festival. In 2014, Cradock turned 200 years old.

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