Karoo Heartland

Fairfield Open Garden Day

Fairfield Open Garden Day

The Fairfield Open Garden Day takes place in Middelburg on Friday 16 December 2022 between 10:00 and 15:00.

Fairfield’s veggie garden will also be open to visitors. Come and enjoy a lazy summer’s day, relax in the shady corners of the garden or take a stroll through the edible Karoo food forest.

Pantry goods and light meals will be on sale.

Bookings at 082 397 8698 or go to www.fairfieldec.co.za for more information




As South Africa moves passes midwinter and the thermometer starts its slow climb towards summer, we ponder two things: firstly, that the winter days of the Karoo Heartland are mild, sunny and windless and, secondly, when things turn chilly in the evenings, our region naturally tends indoors towards the fireplace, coffee or wine in hand, for a good book, some painting or quality conversation. 

Our Karoo Heartland members have shared some of their cosiest spots to enjoy winter in the Karoo…

The fireplace at Allendale Guest Farm…just getting started. – Jansenville

A fireside dinner table set for guests (pre-COVID) at Glen Avon Guest Farm – Somerset East

A cosy lounge at Kuzuko Lodge, with a breathtaking view of the night sky only metres away… – Somerset East

A welcoming farmhouse living room at Lowlands Country House – Cradock

Potjie pot at the ready – there’s nowhere better than Nieu-Bethesda for a slow-cooked stew at Outsiders B&B

A cosy reading nook, barman on hand, at Samara Private Game Reserve – Graaff Reinet

An iconic Karoo Heartland fireplace at Toerboer Cottages – Graaff Reinet

A bonus pleasure during the winter months – a wood-fired stove at Toerboer Cottages – Graaff Reinet




With a little advanced planning, romance is easy. Let us help you make your Valentine Special

Valentines Weekend special at Die Tuishuise & Victoria Manor

  1. Join us for a decadent Valentines Dinner for two @ R 220 per person in our romantic Albert Dining Room
  2. Spend the night in one of our romantic cottages and enjoy dinner and breakfast at @ R 590 per person per night
  3. Or spend two nights including dinner and breakfast at R 1075 per person sharing
  4. Enjoy the romance of your cottage and order room service
  5. Sleep in late and request breakfast delivered to your house or prepare your own breakfast with a pre-ordered breakfast basket
  6. Extra add ons? –
    • ADD a bunch of flowers for your loved one – we can work to your budget
    • ADD a cold bottle of bubbly starting from R160 per bottle and have it in your room
    • ADD a Valentines Special Voucher from The Beauty Zone spoil for your loved one
    • ADD buy a beautiful Karoo book for your loved one
    • Request an add on Romantic Picnic Lunch in the Mountain Zebra National Park R220 per person

Terms and conditions apply. Friday night – Karoo Dinner, Saturday night* Valentine Dinner ,

To spread the love this year we are offering the same special for the week of the 20th of February, but both dinners will be Karoo. Book today www.tuishuise.co.za or info@tuishuise.co.za



The second litter of cheetah cubs has successfully been born into the protected wild of Kuzuko Lodge as part of the joint “Breeding, Wilding and Release Project”, set up by Ashia Cheetah Conservation and Kuzuko Lodge, part of the Legacy Hotels & Resorts Group, in 2018.

The four cubs were birthed by another captive-born female cheetah who forms part of this ground-breaking conservation programme, having arrived at Kuzuko Lodge earlier this year already pregnant.

The first-time feline mom delivered all four cubs successfully, however after a short while the project team, who had been keeping an eye on her from a distance, noticed that the cubs were not feeding.

Not wanting to interfere too quickly, the team decided to give them a couple of hours to see whether some privacy would assist with their bonding.

When the team returned and the cubs were still bundled together, it was time to intervene. It was discovered that the umbilical cord had intertwined the cubs together, not allowing them the freedom to feed.

The very protective mother was lured away with food and the cubs quickly released from the cord.

Despite being a first-time mom the female immediately took the cubs back and within no time they started suckling successfully. According to the team at Kuzuko, the are doing very well and have already tripled in size.




Fun and easy, shibori and tie-dye, screen-printing on fabric, sun colour and batik are some of the creative workshops Bedford’s Catherine Knox will be offering from April 2019.

“Joining in arty crafty activity is the best way to escape into the moment, a respite from hassles and responsibilities,” says Catherine. “We laugh a lot, show off a bit and experiment wildly. And get to know ourselves better.”

The sessions are suitable for all levels of experience and ages from pre-teen upwards. All materials are provided. Workshops can be customised to group requirements (minimum 6 people, maximum 20). Groups of up to 10 can come to Catherine’s studio in Bedford. Larger groups gather in other venues – for example, Catherine recently presented a batik workshop for a group of 15 in Cradock, (shown in picture below). For more info, contact Catherine on 082 9328864, catherineknoxmail@gmail.com

Catherine Knox is a fine art major and accredited quilt teacher with a good deal of experience in other arts and crafts (including creative writing and photography). 



By Janet Middleton

Graaff Reinet, the historical little town in the Eastern Cape, is the most delightful combination of small-town wonderful and golden countryside. Take a meander through the mists of time with me; to a time where streets were wide to accommodate ox-wagons, game wandered freely across the plains of Camdeboo and farmers, well, they farmed much as they do today. The town itself has grown and modernised while still retaining its old-world charm as South Africa’s fourth oldest. The architecture, including the unmissable NG Kerk, is incredible and visitors can choose from a selection of traditional venues including the restored Camdeboo Cottages and Drostdy Hotel for a few nights’ comfortable rest. Just strolling through the jacaranda-lined streets instils a sense of small-town bliss for a road-weary traveller. Take a walking tour of Graaff Reinet if you don’t want to miss a single treasure. Once you’ve freshened up, you’ll want to get out and explore the countryside, which includes superb scenery, private game reserves and the beloved Valley of Desolation at the Camdeboo National Park. Be prepared for golden and grey vistas, South African wildlife and some of the best sunsets in the Southern Hemisphere! Don’t discount this special Karoo town when planning your trip across South Africa. Here are five of my favourite moments from just 36 hours of exploring…


Just a short drive from town, you’ll find yourself in another world: the world of Mount Cambedoo. A place where cheetah laze under a tree, the vulnerable mountain zebra gallops the golden plains and the rare white rhino may just be closer than you think!

Our game drive started with a sighting of six rhino, moms and calves, just grazing within sight of the lodge – they were covered in red dust from a mud bath and completely unperturbed the vehicles. Our lucky streak continued as we were fortunate to spot a cheetah napping away after a hearty meal, and mountain zebra, before finally settling on a mountaintop to enjoy a golden sunset and a sundowner before heading back to the lodge for our al fresco dinner. That’s when things really got unforgettable. A Karoo traffic jam!

Our guide spotted some fresh rhino droppings on the mountainside road and, as we turned a corner, in the fading dusk, there he was: a beautiful, real-life rhino – just metres in front of us. What a moment. Hardly bothered, although incredibly insistent that he take his time, we did what anyone would do in a traffic jam: creep along and wait; although, the sights and sounds where a darn sight better than any gridlock I’ve ever seen! We spent 45 minutes following this rare and endangered creature, the hardest part was putting my camera away and staying in the moment, because you know that something like this will never happen again and you don’t want to witness it from behind a lens.

MOUNT CAMDEBOO is a private game reserve outside Graaff Reinet that focuses on the conservation of vulnerable and endangered species such as the white rhino, cheetah and mountain zebra. In addition to game drives, guided walks and stargazing, the reserve also offers accommodation in the form of three manor houses, a secluded cottage and a safari tent camp.


Where to begin? A helicopter flip over the ancient Valley of Desolation will leave you feeling both dwarfed and invigorated, somewhere between being awed by nature and thrilled at a heli-trip over, what could very easily be, Jurassic Park. You could expect to see dinosaurs wandering the plains of the valley! The Valley of Desolation has formed over 100 million years and is a sheer spectacle of 120m high Dolerite cliffs and columns. Fly Karoo offers an exhilarating flip over the valley and the Camdeboo National Park with beyond-breath-taking views. This short trip provides a birds-eye view of Graaff Reinet, the Ngweba Dam, the Valley of Desolation and the Camdeboo National Park. This is a must-do for first-time and returning visitors to the Karoo Heartland.

FLY KAROO is Graaff Reinet’s first helicopter charter service, offering scenic flights which enable visitors to Graaff Reinet to visit popular sites in the surrounding areas. Charters are also offered to nearby locations such as game lodges and Port Elizabeth airport.


The sun sets at its own special pace in the Karoo, sliding gently towards the distant mountains and turning the light that special golden colour that feels unique to the Karoo Heartland. It’s magical and romantic. Couple this lovely light and fresh summer air with an al-fresco dinner at Mount Camdeboo and you have a recipe for an unforgettable Karoo experience. Following an afternoon spent game viewing and realising how close the wildlife is to your cosy dinner table, makes this doubly special. And here’s a not-to-well-kept secret: the Karoo folk really know how to cook! The talented chefs at Mount Camdeboo have taken inspiration from South African cuisine and recipes that date back to the early Cape settlers, reinventing old favourites with a light, contemporary touch.


An overnight stay (or three) in Graaff Reinet will reinforce the feeling of having stepped back to a time when porches were deep, floors were wooden, and hospitality was as warm as the wide streets in mid-summer. Graaff Reinet has a number of converted and restored guesthouses and hotels complete with superb cuisine, crisp linen and first-class service. As there is so much to see and explore in, and around, Graaff Reinet, settle in for a few relaxing days, unpack your bags and allow the folk of the Karoo Heartland to take good care of you.  Next time, I’ll spend more time explore the museums and architecture.


I’ll never tire of sunsets at the Valley of Desolation. Once you’ve seen the valley from the air, you can truly appreciate how vast and magnificent it is. However, sitting at a picnic bench, sundowner in hand and watching the rock formations change from fiery orange to black silhouettes against a navy sky is one of the surest ways to experience everything that is special and unique about the Karoo. In that dusty golden light, you can see forever.