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The ultimate fly fishing experience.

​The Somerset East area of the Blue Crane Route has a variety of different options available for targeting trout.  Enjoy picturesque still waters and sections of river that are stocked with trout which, due to the nutrients and aquatic life in the water, grow incredibly well. Indigenous yellowfish are great sport to catch on fly and can be caught year-round. Monster barbel can also be targeted on fly, a species that fly fisherman don’t target often, but when you sight fish for barbel once, you’ll definitely want to do it again!  Other species that can be caught on fly in the area include bass, mudfish, moggel and tilapia.

Flyfishing in the Karoo

Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo

Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo has secured exclusive access to several ...

Angler & Antelope Guesthouse

The Angler & Antelope is nestled in the heart of Somerset East, ...

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