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History of Bedford

Beautiful Bedford is best known for the annual Bedford Garden Festival when farms across the region open their exquisite gardens to visitors and garden-lovers from across the country arrive in the small colonial town to enjoy garden tours, the incredible rose arboretum, food demonstrations, street markets and more.

What to do in Bedford

The town is located at the foot of the well-forested Kaga Mountain and the beauty of Bedford is in its natural surroundings and its people: rose-lovers will want to visit the rose arboretum, those looking for rejuvenation can attend cooking and yoga workshops, and there’s nowhere better to be inspired to plant more flowers, vegetables, and herbs in your own home. 

More to do

Tour show gardens

Organic gardens and markets

Bedford Rosarium 

Duke of Bedford Inn

High Street

Glen Lynden Churches

Historic buildings

Where to stay

Bedford gives you a variety of accommodation options depending on where you want to stay and what you’re looking for. Choose between a restored historic hotel, B&Bs around town or one of the beautiful guest farms in the district.

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Explore the town

Every Karoo town has its stories and Bedford’s are told around the coffee table at the Duke of Bedford Inn, while elbow-deep in earth working in the garden and sitting on the verandah sipping a lemonade made fresh from the garden – a colonial, South African farming destination all its own.

Bedford flowers
Bedford Sugar Shack
Bedford foodies
Bedford foodies
Bedford garden

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