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At Hello Healthi we offer a holistic personalized path to your optimal health by exploring lifestyle enriching choices and presenting them in a nutshell.

practices based on nature’s flow, abundance and inherent healing tools. We believe that we all can and should flourish and experience joy in our lives and that the best way to do that is to nurture and nourish ourselves and honor our environment. We offer experiences and spaces where you can integrate simple and sustainable lifestyle-shifts which allow you to Thrive. In sharing what we have learned about food and nutrition, gardening, creativity, mindfulness and yoga over the years, we aim to inspire a revival of your inner wisdom and natural healing powers. We all have the power to take control of our own health.

We have a holistic, organic & mindful approach to life and to our work. We believe in the value of respecting, nurturing and working with the earth, our environment and the seasons. And, we believe in working with people wherever they are on their wellness journey. As such, our approach is person/client-centred, hands-on and collaborative. We share our knowledge and experience in a companionable and experiential way – this approach is evidence based and proven to support sustainable life-style shifts. Shifts and changes that we attempt to make in life are only sustainable if they are practical and applicable to our circumstances so we work to ensure that our clients leave us with skills and resources that they can build on and tailor to suit their needs and life-style.

When you join us for our personalised retreats, pop-ups and coaching programmes you will have the opportunity to explore new and exciting ways to improve your wellbeing, meet new people and re-connect with the wonder of the natural world around you. Come and experience our new farm and garden retreat venue @ Albertvale Farm near the vibey village of Bedford, in the heart of Eastern Cape garden country. There is space for peace and quiet, reflection, interaction, meditation, therapy, comfort, companionship, food, gardening, art, engaging with nature and so much more.

You can expect to leave with a simple and sustainable personalised Thrive Plan which may include healthier life-style practices, creative inspiration, personalised healthy food recipes, personalised garden designs and techniques, self-compassion practices and more awareness of self and our connection to the environment. Your Thrive Plan is designed to empower you with more clarity of thought around your daily lifestyle choices, integrating small sustainable shifts that you can bring into your daily life. We hope your creative flow, joy and laughter, your performance and productivity levels and your overall wellbeing will be in abundance.  Click here to invest in your health.

We also now offer online support for all of the above, continued engagement when needed and many pop up ONLINE events to enthuse and explore your health needs. There are various self help courses, recipes and health tests to engage in on the website.

One to one personalised calls are also available to book should you wish to take your health to the next level and a supported and integrated approach with food choices, body assessment and exercise and relaxation techniques. All supported with recipes for ease of implementation and inspiration.