Gats River Canyon Walk

Gats River Canyon Walk



Ganora Guest Farm

A circular walk from Nieu-Bethesda over the saddle to Ganora, then down the Gats River to De Toren and back along the road to the village.

The walk is notable for steep cliffs, good birding and a Verreaux’s Eagle nest in the gorge. Permssion must be granted.

A lovely canyon walk while watching the eagles fly above you is the ideal way to relieve your stress. To cool off you may swim in the Karoo pools en-route. Picnic baskets are also available on request.

The canyon walk is something really special which you can experience by following the trail from our farm to our neighbour. In the canyon you will find rock pools to swim in, depending on the water levels. The canyon has its own pair of Black Eagles. At times you will also see their youngster that they have reared learning to fly. We are willing to take your vehicle around to the end point, and the walk should not take you more than 3 hours from our homestead. Some people prefer to spend most of the day in the canyon and then return to Ganora.

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