Karoo River Rafting

Karoo River Rafting



Welcome to Karoo River Rafting and Cabins. Set in the stunning surroundings of the Karoo, this perfect farm get-away combines the breathtaking beauty of the veld, expansive horizons, blue-grey mountains, wide-open skies and all-year-round exciting river rafting. Perched on the banks of the Great Brak River at the confluence of the Teebus, this idyllic spot offers inviting accommodation and first-class facilities. Perfect for families or groups looking for adventurous fun-filled weekends and relaxation. Also the ideal get-away for companies wanting away-time for team-building or teachers looking for action-packed development programs for children and teenagers.

River Rafting
One and two-day rafting trips are available on newly-acquired rafts. The rafting takes place over the Fish River Marathon course as well as on the Brak and Teebus rivers. Rapids on all the courses range from grade 1 to 4. Read more >

Each trip is organized to meet the individual needs of visitors. All trips are overseen by qualified guides trained and affiliated to the African Paddling Association (APA).

We outsource the Abseiling and require a minimum of 10 people for this activity.
It’s also only available as an additional activity when doing river rafting.

Magnificent hikes through the veldt and along numerous mountain trails. All levels of fitness can be accommodated.

Bring your canoes and practice on all year round fast-flowing waters with many challenging and exciting rapids from grade 1 to 4.

Mountain Biking
Bring your bikes and ride stunning trails through the Karoo landscape.

Cool off and relax in the fresh waters of the Great Brak River.

Bird Watching
Watch the wide variety of birdlife from the comfort of your chalet on the banks of the river.

Fish for carp, barbel and yellow fish in the river

OR just unwind on your balcony or on the river banks to the sound of the waterfall and birdsong.