Victoria Manor Restaurant

Victoria Manor Restaurant



The Victoria Hotel as it was then known was advertised as early as 1852, but it had been in business for some time before that. The story goes that the original structure was a simple private dwelling built in 1848. The hotel has hosted the likes of General Haig, Olive Schreiner (herself a one-time Cradockian) and, in the 1880s, all manner of diamond- and gold prospectors. During the South African War (formerly the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902), the Victoria Hotel was commandeered by British forces, who turned the cellar into a jail for captured Boers.

Today the Victoria Manor Hotel features spacious and stylish rooms and suites and is steeped in character and elegance.  Guests love sipping a pre-dinner sherry in the lounge before eating dinner in the elegant restaurant.

Enjoy a drink from the Albert Bar, which could also be called the Horse and Hubcap, because our Great Uncle used to ride his horse into the Pub and then serve his horse a beer from Cadillac Hubcap.

The restaurant serves traditional Karoo Food with a strong South African flavour.