Middleton All Saints Church

Middleton All Saints Church



Middleton is located near Cookhouse and was first established in 1879 as a train station to act as a layover point between larger towns. At the turn of the 20th century, the Middleton complex was developed by Mr George Webster, a blacksmith by trade. The site played a very important part in those transport days.

In 1901 he donated land for the building of a church and the little church was built as a Methodist Church in 1903. At the time Middleton comprised of a hotel, smithy building, general dealer’s shop, church school and 500 morgen of veld.  In 1992 the church became part of the All Saint’s United Church and it’s utilised by the residents of Middelton regularly.

The old train station has now been converted into a pub.


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  • Middleton on the N10 near Cookhouse