Old Nieu-Bethesda Mill

Old Nieu-Bethesda Mill



The old watermill in Nieu-Bethesda was erected in 1860 by Mr B.J. Pienaar, on the original farm, Uitkyk.

The Water Mill belongs to the Dutch Reformed Church and the income from the mill was used to pay the pastor’s salary. With the help of the late Boet van Heerden from Doornberg, the mill was put back into operation in the 1980s by replacing the original wooden waterwheel with a metal wheel. It was repaired again by the late Pierre Offerman and was to be used as a tourist attraction, however, this plan was abandoned due to children playing on the wheel when it was working and this was deemed unsafe. A group of residents got it working again recently and it is currently in working condition and used to make flour.

If you’re walking from the Owlhouse, cross the bridge opposite the Owlhouse to the west bank of the river to the mill. Or drive around.

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