Hillston Farm

Hillston Farm



Hillston Farm is a working farm in the Middelburg district situated in the northernmost part of the Eastern Cape.


There is something magical about the vast semi-desert region known simply as the Karoo. Despite its frequent droughts and extremes of climate, the Karoo nurtures life in great abundance and its plains teem with animals of every description. After the seasonal rains the recovery of the veld is miraculous: frogs chorus in full throat and a carpet of brilliant flowers spreads dramatically over the once barren wasteland.


To the passing motorist who has been driving in the heat for hour upon hour, its desolation and aridity seem harsh indeed. But to those who have been captivated by its fierce beauty, the Karoo is a place unlike any other.” Joan Southey, Footprints in the Karoo


Break-away from the hustle and bustle of city life to the beautiful malaria-free Eastern Karoo. At Hillston Farm you’ll experience South African hospitality with a difference – farm style with a touch of class. Beautiful views, excellent photography, scenic hiking trails, more than 100 species of bird life including the rare Blue Korhaan, shearing shed tours (a former English Barracks in the Anglo-Boer War), and much more.


“Once it has courted you and won you, there is really no other life.”